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Are you looking to start a book club with your friends? Our Book Club Printable Planner System is the ultimate solution for anyone eager to organize, grow, and enjoy their book club experience. This beautifully designed printable PDF file comes optimized for an A5 size, ensuring it's easy to bring along to your book club meetings.

Featuring a variety of tools designed to keep you organized and promote engaging book club discussions, this planner includes a meeting agenda, conversation starters, book club rules, and a questionnaire. It's the ultimate resource to make your book club experience truly enjoyable.

Stay organized and prepared for your meetings with our easy-to-use printable planner pages, including pre- and post-meeting agenda pages. Ideal for book club members who need support to stay organized.

Prevent book club failures with our questionnaire, which helps you ask questions and stay connected with the readers in your club. Blank pages are also available for crafting your own questions.

Our planner includes basic book club rules with room to add rules as needed, ensuring your club stays focused on your chosen books. A blank page is also provided for creating your own book club rules.

Keep track of all your book club members' information with our contact list, ensuring everything you need is in one place.

Our Save the Date cards come in two styles and are easy to print and pass out at the end of your book club meeting. They're perfect for inviting new members to join your club!

Elevate your love for reading and connect with fellow book lovers using our Book Club Printable Planner System. Enhance your book club discussions and stay organized with this comprehensive solution.

ūüöÄ Ready to launch¬†your vintage book club?¬†My latest article has everything you need to know to create a thriving reading community: How to Start and Grow a Successful Book Club: A Guide for Vintage Book Lovers

Best, Pam of Reading Vintage 

What You Receive:

This 19-page Book Club planner includes:

  • Cover Page
  • Pre-meeting leader plan
  • Meeting agenda
  • Post-meeting notes
  • Book club rules
  • Blank book club rules page
  • Book club questionnaire
  • Blank book club questionnaire page
  • Conversation starter prompts¬†
  • Non-fiction conversation starter prompts
  • Book summary
  • Member contact list
  • Checklist
  • Monthly book list plan for the year
  • Monthly calendar planner
  • Two notes pages
  • Two versions of Save the Date cards
  • Three pages of eighteen Unique Conversation Starter Cards (print on card stock and laminate for reuse)

Enjoy this planner in print or on your tablet. Perfect for those who love reading and want to establish or grow a book club. With these helpful templates, you and fellow book enthusiasts can discuss your latest reads and share your enjoyment.

Enhance Your Book Club

I have something special for my book club leaders: my Book Club Printable Meeting Agenda & Meeting Agenda digital download, ready to help you easily steer the conversation.

I wish you happy reading as you enjoy, grow, and organize your Book Club with the guidance of this book club planner.

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