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Reading Vintage lets you rekindle those fond memories of old books you loved to read and antique treasures. It's our mission to hunt for exciting, quality, and unique pieces like old cookbooks, vintage classic children's stories, and definitive historial books.

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We source from local estate sales in the Great Lakes Bay Region, only purchasing the highest quality books. After photos are shot, the book is immediately placed in a clear self-sealed bag, stored in a climate-controlled room until you purchase. When shipping, your book is double-bagged using kraft bubble mailers for protection.

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5 Interesting Facts Featuring: Julia Child
5 Interesting Facts Featuring: Julia Child

Julia Child, not just a bestselling author and chef. Julia Child was much more than a bestselling cookbook writer and chef. She was also a breast cancer survivor, a TV trailblazer, and a government spy throughout her life.

1- Spy During World War II

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5 Ways to Improve Your Brainpower

We live in a world of distraction.

Do your everyday reading habits consist of Facebook updates, texts from friends, or the recipe in your favorite cookbook for your next meal? Push notifications are always alerting us about breaking news, e-mails comments, or advertising. 

If you've become one of the many people who doesn't make a habit of reading daily, you might be missing out on vital exercise for your brain.

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