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is your book of choice influenced by the seasons?,seasonal reading blog-reading vintage
Is Your Book of Choice Influenced by The Seasons?

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Three Quick Tips for the Frequently Distracted Reader-reading vintage blog
3 Quick Tips for the Frequently Distracted Reader

Distractions aren't pleasant, but sadly, we often encounter them in life, particularly in the internet age. We enjoy our time reading a good book. But, don't allow reading to become something you avoid because you are not focused; make it into something you value by observing these quick tips.

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travel to another place

Reading is a wonderful thing. It enables you to experience many lives in diverse places without leaving your home.

One day you’re a Tsar in Russia,  piloting a rocket ship to Mars, or planning your next African Safari.

Vintage books are an incredible way to bring the past into your present, and transport yourself into a different time and place.

I am ready to help you find your next adventure.

Happy Reading, Pam of Reading Vintage

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