more tips for your collection

Whether the books on your shelves are first editions or book club favorites to enjoy them for years, follow these tips.

Never store your books in direct sun to avoid sun-fade. Also, avoid heat and humidity.

Add your books to your dusting routine to avoid musty smells and mildew.

Consider wrapping older books in acid-free, UV-resistant plastic book cover to protect cover.

Store books away from heat sources like the furnace vents. High temperatures can crack leather spines and make book glue fragile.

Taking care of your valuable books will preserve their monetary and sentimental value, and guarantee that they will be enjoyable for years to come.

Condition condition Condition!

Book collector? SuperFan of a famous author? Sentimental Shopper?

If you are browsing our vintage books you want to purchase the best book possible in your price range.

To do that you need information. Measurements help, along with photos and descriptions. Don't forget, if you need more information, ask!

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Thats a wrap for 2019

Reading Vintage had our last outdoor vintage festival. The season went by fast, we met many great people and learned something new every show.

We will be planning our 2020 schedule in January.  Check back for updates. 

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