6 Fishing Books All Angler's Should Have on their Bookshelf

April 14, 2020

6 Fishing Books All Angler's Should Have on their Bookshelf

Fishing tales are as ancient as the lakes and streams that fish that exist in.


"Fish," he said softly, aloud, "I'll stay with you until I am dead."
— Quote from the Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway 

Health Benefits

Fishing connects us to nature, relaxes our mind, and is a great place to improve our mental and physical being. Fishing also gets you off the phone, away from the stresses of the electronic world,  along with eye strain, headaches, poor sleep quality, and a lack of focus.

Family Fishing

Can you imagine a better way to spend the day with your family than a day of fishing? Children of any age can go fishing, just be sure to plan your trip for the maturity level of your family. Make it a fun and safe trip.

At six years old, children are old enough to learn how to take fish off the hook for the first time if they feel comfortable. Make this a fun family experience they will remember and you will have a fishing buddy for life.


Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to cook a fish and I eat really really well that day 

– ancient Chinese proverb.

Fish, A Healthy Meal

Fish is an excellent source of protein that is usually low in fat. After a day out fishing what's better than cooking and eating your catch. What a tasty meal that would make.

Gear Expert has compiled the best fresh-caught fish recipes. Recipes such as Tasty Fresh Trout Wrapped in Bacon and Flaky Pan-Fried Walleye. You will find a recipe you and your family will love.

Top 6 Fishing books on the shelves of Reading Vintage

Are you eager to discover more about fishing? Want to learn tips and tricks, and find as many new unique techniques as possible? We've gathered some of our popular angling books to study when you're off the boat and away from the water.

These vintage books are written by old anglers who share fishing advice, skills and read the personal accounts from anglers who live and breathe fishing and boating.

1-The Complete McClane by A.J. McClane

The Complete McClane is chock-full of fishing advice, lore, recipes, and reflections from the author of McClane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia and longtime fishing editor of Field & Stream.

2-With Fly Plug and Bait by Ray Bergman 

This small pocket-sized book contains a wealth of information on bait-fishing, fly-fishing, and baitcasting, spinning and trolling.

3-The Sportsman's Companion edited by Lee Wulff

The Sportsman's Companion is a summary of advice on how to identify, stalk, fish, and hunt for North American fish and game.

4-The Treasury of Angling by Larry Koller 

Starting with the best known fresh-water game fish and concludes with a bit about the different types of water wherein fish are found streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes.

5-Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing Outdoor Life by P. Allen Parsons 

The author, P. Allen Parsons, is a renowned fishing expert and longtime time associate editor of Outdoor Life magazine. This fishing book is an authoritative, all-inclusive guide for fishermen. 

6-Sportsman's Guide to Game Fish by Byron Dalrymple

Byron Dalrymple brings together all the necessary facts on every game fish in the United States and is a pleasure to read.

Pick up a book, Master a new skill

If you’re a fisherman stuck at home yet still excited to cast a line, hopefully, this reading list will tide you over till you are able to head to the water.

Expert anglers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in various aspects of fishing have authored all the listed books. What better way to learn than from the experts?

Grab yourself a copy of any of these classic fishing books to unravel the world of fishing and all of the challenges and exciting adventures it holds.

When you do ultimately get out on the water, you will have new skills and strategies to help you catch that keeper!

Looking for More?

Find those books and vintage fishing books in the Fishing and Hunting Collection.

Feel free to share this blog with friends and family who love to read, we have many fascinating topics to choose from. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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