Why Is Ian Fleming's James Bond Series Still Popular and Read Today?

February 26, 2019

Why Is Ian Fleming's James Bond Series Still Popular and Read Today?

Well Written Timeless Stories Never Go Out of Style

Books stores and libraries are filled with classic stories that resonate with readers. Their authors have managed to grasp our attention across times and seasons with their imagination and creative genius.

Ian Flemming's fantasy crime dramas series is one of them. Restricted from speaking about his experience in intelligence by the Official Secrets Act, Fleming shifted to writing fiction stories to relive the thrill of that secret world.

Book lovers today still search for robust, spellbinding stories by authors in an old book to read, enjoying how writers of the 17 century saw the world.

Many of those books contained insightful, witty, emotional experiences that reflect what's happening today. Perhaps classical book writers had fancied that they could see the future.

Books made into Films

Film writers and producers today are looking to classic novels written in the past to inspire a movie. With exciting stories to turn into a blockbuster film by adding a dash of 'modernness' to them without hurting the original foundation. 

Starting in 1963, Dr. No was the first novel made into a movie in the James Bond franchise. This isn't a new thing, Black Beauty, Robinson Crusoe in 1997, Peter Pan in 2003 and Pride and Prejudice in 1995 and again in 2005 are just an example of classic books with a great following being made into movies.

The Ian Fleming Series, James Bond

One of such celebrated vintage book series is the James Bond novels, written by Ian Fleming. I bet many of you thought these novels were written recently, but the first of the Bond series, Casino Royale, was written in 1952.

In  Moonraker, James Bond teams up with the famous M and is the third in the series. The novels were a huge hit and still enjoyed today, more especially since movie producers have adapted Ian's stories into blockbusters.

For some of us who would instead read books than watch the adaptation on Netflix, you will love a copy of this vintage awesomeness. Ian would take you through the journey of espionage, betrayal, seduction, passion, duty, love, sacrifice, death, and many more.

Who was Ian Fleming?

He was a drifter who couldn't find his place. Fleming came from a wealthy family connected to the leading merchant bank Robert Fleming & Co. However, he sought to leave his mark in his way, so he moved through several jobs before settling on writing and journalism.

His Wartime Experience

During the Second World War, Ian, who was a Naval intelligence officer at the time involved in the Goldeneye operation. He oversaw 2 of the intelligence units, 30 Assault Unit and T- Force throughout the Goldeneye operations.

All the experiences he had gotten during his wartime service, served as a solid background for his Bond spy novels. Fleming vacationed in Jamaica every year and used this time to write a James Bond story.  

Flemmings Death

Ian Fleming was a heavy smoker and drinker for a large part of his life and died from a heart attack in England in August of 1964 at the age of 56. He was laid to rest at St. James' Churchyard in WiltshireEngland.

The last two Bond thrillers were published after his death The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy.

A Little About His Novels.

The first of the spy series, Casino Royale, was written in 1952. It was so popular that they almost couldn't meet up with demand. From 1953 to 1966, Ian had written Eleven Bond novels and several short stories. 

James Bond novels told the story of a secret intelligence officer named James Bond. Bond was famously known as M16 or 007, his code number, and he was a commander in charge of the Royal Naval Reserve.

Even though a lot must have changed in how things were run in the 1950s, the James Bond spy novels still capture our attention as it has sold over 100 million copies globally since then. 

If you are an avid collector of the author Ian Fleming, you might be interested in this site Collecting Ian Fleming & James Bond BooksThis is a website set up by collectors for fans, it has an image gallery and in-depth articles — a good reference site on all things Bond in the book world.

What Is Your favorite James Bond Novel?

Wouldn't you love a library section dedicated to these vintage finds from the first novel to the last?

Browse the Vintage Mystery Book Collection for a wide variety of authors with various writing; styles are here for you to browse. Perry Mason to Agatha Cristie, spy novels written by Ian Fleming to Trixie Beldon, are all waiting for you.

Comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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