About Reading Vintage

Welcome to Reading Vintage, your unique online destination for discovering and purchasing vintage books. Founded by Pam, a passionate book lover with a knack for uncovering hidden literary gems, Reading Vintage is more than a bookstore; it's a community for book enthusiasts.

Our Mission

My mission at Reading Vintage is to rehome treasured vintage books and to offer a unique buying experience where love for books meets sustainability. In addition, we strive to preserve these beloved tales and educational books for future generations.

"I was thrilled to find a rare book I've been searching for years! Reading Vintage really does find the most incredible gems," a satisfied customer shares.

Benefits of Shopping With Us

When you choose Reading Vintage, you get the following:

  • Access to Rare and Hard-to-Find Books: Find those elusive titles you've been searching for or discover new ones in our carefully curated collection.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Enjoy a smooth buying experience with our responsive and caring customer service.
  • Contribution to Sustainability: By giving these books a new home, you help to reduce waste and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

"Pam was so helpful during my purchase, and knowing that I'm also contributing to a greener planet makes the experience even better," another customer reflects.

Expanding Our Offerings: Bookish Digital Downloads

Always looking for ways to improve the reading experience of our customers, we're excited to introduce our Bookish Digital Downloads collection. This new addition to Reading Vintage is the perfect companion for avid readers and book club enthusiasts. Our digital downloads collection offers a wide array of resources designed to enhance and organize your reading life.

What's Included in the Collection?

Our Bookish Digital Downloads collection includes:

As with our vintage book collections, we hope these digital downloads bring additional joy and ease to your reading and book club experiences.

"The Ultimate Book Collection Organization Checklist is a game-changer! It's made organizing my vast book collection so much easier. Reading Vintage isn't just about buying books; it's about the entire book-lover experience," a customer shares.

Meet the Founder

Pam, the founder of Reading Vintage, has always been passionate about books. Growing up, her love for the written word took root, blossoming into a lifelong pursuit of literary treasures. Today, she channels her love for books into finding and preserving vintage reads, ensuring they continue to be enjoyed for years.

"Pam is not just selling books; she's selling nostalgia, memories, and a piece of history. The love she has for what she does is evident," a loyal customer notes.


Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • "Reading Vintage has the most amazing customer service! I felt well taken care of, and my book arrived in perfect condition."
  • "I absolutely love the rare book collection at Reading Vintage. I've found books I didn't even know existed!"
  • "Reading Vintage is more than a bookshop. It's a treasure trove for book lovers."
  • "The Bookish Digital Downloads have been a game changer for organizing my book club. I can't recommend them enough."
  • "The customer service from Reading Vintage is superb. Pam goes above and beyond to help you find what you're looking for!"
  • "The sustainability aspect of Reading Vintage resonates with me. It's great to know that I'm also doing my part for the planet by purchasing these beautiful vintage books."
  • "Pam's passion for vintage books is contagious. Her collections are carefully curated, making book shopping a real pleasure."

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Pam is always available to answer any questions, provide book recommendations, and help you find the perfect vintage book or digital download.

Email: pam@myreadingvintage.com

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Thank you for being a part of the Reading Vintage story. I appreciate you supporting my mission and sharing my love for vintage books.