The Mission or Scenes in Africa by Captian Marryat illustrations by Henry Autsin No Publishing Date Found George Routledge and Sons Author's Edition

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Venture into the heart of colonial narratives with The Mission or Scenes in Africa by Captain Marryat. Though the publication date remains veiled in history, the edition we present is a rare gem from George Routledge and Sons. This blue hardcover ornate book, adorned with illustrations by Henry Austin, unfolds a riveting tale of a shipwreck off the South African Coast and the ensuing fate of its crew and passengers.

The narrative not only captivates with its adventure but also illuminates the racial attitudes of the period, painting a vivid picture of the interactions between Boer and English, Boer and African, English and African, as well as the community and individuals of mixed heritage. Through the lens of the novel, observe the early delineation of racial attitudes that were yet to fully crystallize.


  • Title: The Mission or Scenes in Africa
  • Publisher: George Routledge and Sons
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 287
  • Dimensions: 8x6x1 inches
  • Language: English
  • Condition: Cover in good condition; page ends have stains; signed in pencil on the inside page by a previous owner; illustration on the title page is loose, as shown in the photos.

Key Elements:

  • The narrative transcends a mere adventure tale, delving into the racial dynamics of the colonial era in Africa.
  • The novel serves as a mirror reflecting early racial attitudes, a significant discourse that resonates even today.
  • The blue hardcover with ornate designs encapsulates the vintage charm, making it a dignified addition to your collection.
  • The Mission or Scenes in Africa stands as a poignant piece, fostering discussion and reflection in your vintage book community.
  • Explore the nuanced racial dynamics of colonial Africa with this vintage novel, a narrative that extends beyond the pages into real historical discourse.


        Preserving such historical narratives is essential. Uncover the techniques in “How To Store Old Books For Future Generations?” to ensure The Mission or Scenes in Africa continues to invoke thought and discussion for years to come.


        The vintage items shared have been previously owned and loved. They exhibit the wear typical of vintage pieces. Please refer to the pictures as a guide. For any queries or additional photos, feel free to ask.

        In Summation:

        The Mission or Scenes in Africa opens a dialogue extending beyond a colonial adventure, offering a glimpse into the racial discourse of the era. A dignified addition to any vintage book collection.

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