The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau intro by A. Glover 1980 Vintage Classic Easton Press Collectable Leather Bound Book Gold Gilt Pages


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In his Confessions, Jean-Jacques Rousseau chronicles his life, from the formative years of his impoverished youth in Geneva, through his international success as a novelist and philosopher in Paris, to his wanderings as an exile, persecuted by governments and cut off from the world of contemporary civilization.

Rousseau analyzes the relationship between an elusive but essential inner self and the myriad of social identities he was led to assume with uncommon insight in an effort to explain who he was and how he came to be the target of others' adulation and abuse.

Confessions is a leather-bound book with gold gilt pages and is an excellent addition to your vintage autobiographical collection or Easton Press library.

A truly, gorgeously handsome volume, designed to become an heirloom, in collectible and gift-giving condition.


Confessions is in excellent vintage condition for its age with no rips or tears. Please use pictures as a guide. Have any questions or need more photos, ask.

The Anonymous translation into English of 1783 & 1790 revised and completed by A.S.B. Glover with an introduction by Mr. Glover

This beautiful leather-bound book is printed on sturdy, acid-neutral paper specially milled that conforms to all guidelines established for permanence and durability.

The vintage & antique items I share with you have been previously owned and loved. They may show some wear, typical for vintage or antique pieces.

Book Dimensions:10x6x1