The Book of Fish and Fishing by Louis Rhead 1920 Charles Scribner's Sons a Complete Compendium of Practical Advice to Guide Those Who Angle for All Fishes in Fresh and Salt Water

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Discover the essence of angling across American waters with The Book of Fish and Fishing by Louis Rhead, published in 1920 by Charles Scribner's Sons. This hardcover treasure, extending over 306 pages, is a wellspring of practical advice for those who angle for all fish in fresh and salt water. With every page turned, a wealth of knowledge accompanied by detailed illustrations unfolds, providing a comprehensive understanding of both freshwater and marine fish native to American waters.

The object of this book is clear: to provide an informative guide for anglers. With each chapter, it delves into a variety of fishing techniques and unveils the rich aquatic diversity awaiting the patient angler. The practical information contained within its pages transcends time, still holding immense value for today's enthusiasts, making it a worthy addition to any collection of angling literature.


  • Title: The Book of Fish and Fishing
  • Publication Date: 1920
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 306
  • Dimensions: 8x5x1 inches
  • Language: English
  • Condition: Wear on cover, staining on back, yellowing page from a bookmark from a previous owner

Key Elements:

  • Louis Rhead’s engaging narrative effortlessly immerses you into the diverse world of both fresh-water and marine fish native to American waters.
  • The book encapsulates a bygone era of angling, providing a rich insight into the fishing practices of the early 20th century.
  • The hardcover binding, though worn, holds the promise of countless adventures awaiting to be discovered in American waters.
  • A splendid addition for those who not only cherish the art of angling but also appreciate the historical and practical knowledge encased within vintage bindings.
  • Extend an invitation to anglers and enthusiasts to delve into a wealth of information that not only enhances their angling pursuits but also enriches their appreciation for the diverse aquatic life.


Preserve this timeless compendium of angling knowledge with tips from “How To Store Old Books For Future Generations?” to ensure The Book of Fish and Fishing continues to inform and inspire.


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In Summation:

The Book of Fish and Fishing by Louis Rhead is more than just a book; it’s a gateway to the rich aquatic life of American waters, a companion for every angler, and a delightful addition to any collection of angling literature.

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