Slammin' Sam an Autobiography 1986Donald I Find Inc and How to Hit a Golf Ball 1950 Garden City Books

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Introducing a two-for-one special that's a hole-in-one for golf aficionados! Get "Slammin' Sam: An Autobiography," published in 1986 and "How to Hit a Golf Ball," published in 1950. Both hardcover books are a treasure trove of golf wisdom and personal insights.

Key Features:

Both books are bound in sturdy hardcovers, making them not only collectible items but also durable companions that will stand the test of time on your bookshelf.

"Slammin' Sam: An Autobiography" offers a glimpse into the life of a golf legend, sharing both on-the-course experiences and off-the-course life lessons.

"How to Hit a Golf Ball" is a go-to manual for golf basics, perfect for beginners or those looking to revisit the foundations of the game.

The autobiography brings the voice of golf legend Sam Snead to life, a man known for having won more PGA Tour events than any other golfer. "How to Hit a Golf Ball" was published during a time when golf was gaining immense popularity in post-war America.

As gems from the world of golf literature, these books are perfect for fans of the sport and history buffs alike.

These books make fantastic gifts for golf enthusiasts, be it for Father's Day, birthdays, or just a special way to say, "I know you love golf."

The classic layout, the black and white photographs, and the timeless advice within the pages bring an undeniable vintage charm to both books.


  • Title: Slammin' Sam: An Autobiography and How to Hit a Golf Ball
  • Publication Dates: 1986 and 1950
  • Publisher: Donald I. Fine, Inc. & Garden City Books
  • Format: Hardcover and Softcover
  • ISBN: Slammin Sam 0-917657-87-X
  • Pages: 238 and 74
  • Dimensions: 9x6x1, 9x7x1
  • Language: English
  • Condition: Slight wear on the covers, as shown in the photos.


From the seasoned golfer to the budding enthusiast, these classic books make the perfect addition to any personal library. Relive the golden age of golf and pick up timeless tips along the way.

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