Reynard the Fox pictured by J.J. Mora 1901 Dana Estes & C0. Antique German Classic Childrens's Story Book


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Reynard the Fox is in trouble, a subversive, dashing, anarchic, aristocratic, and witty fox from the watery lowlands of medieval East Flanders. He has been summoned to King Noble the Lion's court, charged with all crimes and misdemeanors.

A burlesque poem from the Low-German original of the fifteenth century, here illustrated with Mora's signature well-appointed and delightful animals. Illustrated throughout by Jo Mora with 24 full-page drawings.

Reynard the Fox is an excellent addition to your antique fairy tales collection or home library.


The book Reynard the Fox is in good antique condition for its age. Please note the wear on the cover the inscription in the inside page, minor smudges on pages as shown in the photos. All pages are legible. Please use pictures as a guide. Have any questions or need more photos, ask.

The vintage & antique items I share with you have been previously owned and loved. They may show some wear, typical for vintage or antique pieces.

Book dimensions:10x8x1