Large Vintage Plastic Recipe Box with Assorted Family Recipes Collection

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Discover a treasure trove of culinary secrets with this large, yellow vintage plastic recipe box, brimming with a personal collection of assorted recipes. This isn't just a recipe box; it's a gateway to a world of home-cooked memories and timeless flavors.


  • Type: Recipe Box
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Yellow
  • Condition: Good (with a chip in the lid, as shown in photos)
  • Dimensions: 7x5x4 inches
  • Contents: Handwritten, newspaper, and magazine recipes, along with blank notecards

Key Elements:

  1. Diverse Recipes: A mix of handwritten, newspaper, and magazine recipes awaits you, each piece offering a unique glimpse into family kitchens and cooking styles of the past.
  2. Classic Design: The yellow plastic recipe box, a staple in many mid-century kitchens, adds a nostalgic touch to your collection.
  3. Handwritten Gems: The handwritten recipes hold the charm of personal touch and family history, making them priceless additions to your culinary repertoire.
  4. Curated Collection: Delve into the organized world of the original owner, with the joy of discovering each recipe being a delightful surprise.
  5. Versatile Use: Whether added to your vintage recipe collection or used in your home kitchen, this recipe box is a functional and charming piece.

Embark on an exploration of flavors and stories. This recipe box is not just about cooking; it's about connecting with the past and creating new memories.

Closing Thoughts:

This large vintage recipe box is more than a container; it's a keeper of culinary heritage and personal tales. Filled with a medley of recipes, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with the cooking traditions of the past. Ready to add this piece of history to your culinary collection and uncover its delightful secrets?

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