John Cancellor Makes Me Cry a novel by Anne Rivers Siddons 1978 Double Day & Company First Edition

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Discover a slice of life from the past with "John Chancellor Makes Me Cry," a touching collection of essays by Anne Rivers Siddons, first published in 1975 by Doubleday & Company. This first edition hardcover spans 214 pages of reflective and evocative writing. 

Siddons brings to life the everyday joys and struggles of the 1970s through a series of witty, heartfelt essays. While the references may resonate most with those who remember the era, the emotions and experiences she describes are timeless, capturing the essence of human life with all its ups and downs.

Key Details:

  • Title: John Chancellor Makes Me Cry
  • Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
  • Publisher: Doubleday & Company
  • Publication Year: 1975
  • Edition: First Edition
  • ISBN-10: 0385001126
  • Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket and mylar cover
  • Page Count: 214
  • Dimensions: 9x6x1 inches
  • Condition: Good, minor stains on dust jacket, signed by the previous owner

Three Reasons Why You'll Enjoy This Book:

  1. Timeless Insights: Though set in the 1970s, the essays' themes of life’s simple pleasures and challenges are universal.
  2. Engaging Writing: Siddons' language is thoughtful and engaging, offering a mix of nostalgia and sharp observation.
  3. Perfect for Nostalgia Lovers: Especially appealing to those who appreciate a look back at quieter, simpler times.

Dive Into Nostalgic Reflections:

"John Chancellor Makes Me Cry" isn’t just a book; it’s a journey through memories, reflecting the quieter moments of life that often pass unnoticed. It's perfect for readers who appreciate a nostalgic look back at the nuances of everyday life through the lens of a seasoned writer.

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