Jeanne D'Arc by Charles Peguy 1948 Gallmard Vintage Book


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Charles Peguy wrote his first version of Jeanne d'Arc (1897), a dramatic trilogy that formed a declaration and affirmation of his religious and socialist principles.Regardless of the incredible beauty of the text, part in prose, interest in verse, thisJoan of Arcshows how the problem of Evil haunted the author.It's a three-piece drama.

The first play, entitledÀ Domrémy, is in three parts, each of several acts;the second, entitledThe Battles, is in three parts, and the third, entitledRouen, is in two parts.

Note this book is written in French.


Jeanne D'Arc is in good vintage condition for its age with no rips or tears. Please note random smudges on pages, all pages are legible.

The vintage items I share with you have been previously owned and loved. They may show some wear as is typical for vintage pieces.

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Book dimensions:7x5x1