Conflict of the Ages Series, 5 Volume Set: The Acts of the Apostles; the Desire of Ages; Patriarchs and Prophets; Prophets and Kings; and the Triumph of God's Love by Ellen G. White 1988 Review and Herald Publishing Association

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Immerse yourself in the profound spiritual journey of The Conflict of the Ages Series by Ellen G. White, presented in a beautiful five-volume hardcover set published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association in 1988. This collection offers unparalleled insights into the history of the world from a Christian perspective, spanning from the creation of Earth to the ultimate triumph of God's love.

Each volume in the series serves as a cornerstone of Christian literature:

Detailed Contents:

    • The Desire of Ages: 804 pages, is a profound exploration of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, offering unparalleled insights into His teachings and miracles.
    • Prophets and Kings: 765 pages, chronicles the tumultuous period of Israel's history, from the reign of Solomon through the prophetic warnings of the return from exile.
    • The Triumph of God's Love (The Great Controversy): 656 pages reveals the cosmic conflict between good and evil, from the early Christian church to the ultimate victory of righteousness.

Note: The volumes "Patriarchs and Prophets" and "The Acts of the Apostles" are factory sealed, and their actual page counts are not available in this listing.

With two volumes still factory-sealed, this set remains in pristine, unread condition. It is an invaluable resource for schools, churches, group or individual study, and a meaningful gift for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the Bible and its teachings.

Author Info:

Ellen G. White (1827–1915), co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, was a prolific author and spiritual leader. Her extensive writings, including spiritual guidance, health, and education, have deeply influenced the Adventist Church and Christian community globally. Recognized for her visionary insights, White's work has established key institutions within the church and continues to inspire millions worldwide.


  • Author: Ellen G. White
  • Publisher: Review and Herald Publishing Association
  • Publication Year: 1988
  • Volumes: 5
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 10x8x2 inches
  • Condition: Unread, with two volumes factory sealed

Four Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Biblical Narrative: From the Creation of the World to the Prophecy of the End Times.
  2. Inspirational: Offers guidance, comfort, and inspiration for daily living.
  3. Educational: Perfect for theological study, personal reflection, and group discussions.
  4. Collector's Item: A must-have for collectors of religious literature and Ellen G. White's writings.
Reading Recommendation:

Enhance your journey through the Conflict of the Ages Series with Bible Reading for the Home, 1980 Edition, by Review and Herald Publishing. This companion book offers a practical question-and-answer format, making the complex themes of the Bible accessible and engaging. Ideal for deepening your scriptural studies and reflections, it's a must-have for anyone seeking to fully grasp the narratives explored in the Conflict of the Ages series.

Beyond The Final Page:

The Conflict of the Ages Series by Ellen G. White is not just a reading experience; it's a spiritual expedition through time, inviting readers to witness the unfolding of God's plan for humanity. Embark on this journey and let these volumes enrich your faith and understanding of the divine narrative.


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