Caravan to Xanadu A Novel of Marco Polo by Edison Marshall 1953 A Vintage Historical Novel Vintage Book


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Marco Polo Hated His Father with A Bitterness that Was Unquenchable. for Niccolo Had Branded Him Falsely as Another Man's Son. Marco Knew that The Only Way He Could Get Retribution Was to Ride a Star More Triumphant than His Father's. Caravan to Xanadu Tells that Story.

This vintage book is in good shape for its age with no rips or tears. Please note the rip on the dust jackets front cover. Scroll and note some stains. None hinder reading this vintage book.

The Novel, Caravan to Xanadu is an excellent addition to your historical fiction collection or home library.

Please use pictures as a guide. Have any questions or need more pictures, ask.

Book Dimensions:9x6x1