A Mortal Flower China Autobiograhy History by Han Suyin 1966 First American Edition G.P. Putnam's Sons

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Introduce "A Mortal Flower," a riveting autobiography by Han Suyin, published in 1966. This book not only illuminates her personal life but also serves as a vital historical document, highlighting significant events in China and Europe during the years 1928 to 1938.


  • Title: A Mortal Flower
  • Publication Date: 1966
  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
  • Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
  • Library of Congress Number: 66-20297
  • Pages: 413
  • Dimensions: 9x6x1 inches
  • Language: English
  • Condition: Writing in pencil on a page, as shown in photos

Key Features:

  • The autobiography covers Han Suyin's upbringing in China, her travels to Belgium, and her perspective on the geopolitical happenings of the 1930s that eventually led to the rise of communism in China after WWII.
  • Han Suyin, a writer of Chinese and Belgian descent, offers a unique perspective on the socio-political climate of the 1930s, especially regarding the peace movement and the onset of WWII.
  • This book is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding China's history, the peace movement, and the rise of communism. The book includes maps and photos of the time.
  • Ideal for educational events, book clubs, and discussions focused on history or political movements.
  • The hardcover format ensures durability and longevity.


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In Summation:

"A Mortal Flower" by Han Suyin is more than just an autobiography; it's a window into a fascinating era. Whether you're a history buff or simply someone who appreciates life stories told well, this book deserves a place in your collection.

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