5 Ways to Improve Your Brainpower

September 24, 2020

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We live in a world of distraction.

Do your everyday reading habits consist of Facebook updates, texts from friends, or the recipe in your favorite cookbook for your next meal? Push notifications are always alerting us about breaking news, e-mails comments, or advertising. 

If you've become one of the many people who doesn't make a habit of reading daily, you might be missing out on vital exercise for your brain.

5 Ways to Improve your Brainpower Daily

Just Read! Reading has essential benefits in your health and daily life such as:

1. Reading makes you more knowledgeable. 

People who read books tend to have an extraordinary imagination, more knowledge, and varied vocabulary. 

The Daily Mail also states that reading can assist in slowing memory deterioration. Like our heart, the brain demands exercise to stay active and sharp, and reading can improve focus and concentration.

2. Reading helps reduce your stress levels.

Reading has been determined to lower blood pressure, lower heart rateand reduce stress significantly. Only six minutes of reading can slow down the heart rate and improve overall health! 

Reading not only acts as a diversion from the external stressors in our life, it actively occupies the brain and expects our full attention. Our mind cannot think about the things that are creating stress in our day. 

3. Reading improves writing skills

 Reading provides you with wise words that improve vocabulary and critical thinking. That's why English courses in High School have you read "the classics." The more you read, the greater a journalist you'll be.

4. Reading helps us understand people  

Reading well-written stories encourages us to view the world from various viewpoints, enabling us to experience what different people think or feel.
That understanding leads to makes us empathetic towards other people in real life, not only in books.

5. Dinosaurs didn't read; look what happened to them.

This is a funny saying found on a t-shirt, but this is very true. Your brain is a muscle that will get "flabby" and weak if you don't use it daily.

Plan your daily reading 

It's all about nurturing your brain—even if it's only one bit at a time.

“To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.” — W. Somerset Maugham

Tips to get into the habit of reading,

To reap the benefits of reading you need a plan. Here are some tips to read more. 

Travel with a book everywhere you go.

instead of picking up your cell phone, open your book, and read. 

You should have a few set times per day when you can read for at least 5-10 minutes every day uninterrupted.

Find a quiet place, a favorite chair make it a special place free of distractions just for you and a good book.

Instead of watching or scrolling online, read a good book.

The benefits for you

From sharpening your brain to opening yourself up to various cultures, readings positive gains are endless.
Reading a book is an incredible way to discover more about the unknown if you can't visit places out of your comfort zone.

What works for you?

How has reading influenced how you think, act, or look at the world? Share your thoughts  in the comment section below. 

I'm looking forward to reading has influenced your life  by getting the daily habit of reading.

Happy Reading,

Pam of Reading Vintage


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