Canning or Freezing?

August 05, 2020

Canning or Freezing?

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are Everywhere

Its August your garden, the farmer's markets, and roadside stands are bursting with yummy fresh fruits and vegetables. 

If you're like our household, you are eating BLT with fresh tomatoes lettuce, corn on the cob, and sliced cucumbers on the side once a day.

Green beans are ripe on the vine, and the peaches you bought at the farmers market are so ripe and juicy you have to eat it over the sink. Yes, that was me; it was so good.

Do you wish you could extend the season?

You can by either canning or freezing your fresh fruits and veggies at their peak. But what is better? Canning or Freezing? 

Both Canning and Freezing are Ideal

The University of Alaska did find that canning was the most cost-effective way of preserving food; they also determined that freezing was the best way to retain nutrients of the food. 

  • Less of a learning curve required;
  • Less work to store food;
  • Less energy needed to get the food prepped for freezing.
  • Freezer gets cluttered fast, very hard to know what is in there and keep it organized. 
  • Freezers in fridge-freezers are not suitable for long-term storage. Food gets freezer-burnt quickly;
  • More of a learning curve required;
  • More work and energy needed in getting the food ready for storage
  • Energy storage costs are zero.
  • Simple to organize canning jars in your pantry
  • Faster to use food from storage: open jar and use

    A good source for more information

     The National Center for Home Food Preservation is a source for current research-based recommendations for most home food preservation methods.  

    With recipes, tips, and how-to articles, this site is worth bookmarking to come back to again and again.

    If you're looking for vintage books on canning and freezing, Reading Vintage has many on our shelves.

    Both Ball Blue Book and Kerr Canning, both are popular. Along with other books on the topic. Just browse the Cookbook and Recipe collection or put canning in the search bar.

    I hope this information helps you in your kitchen preparing healthy meals for your family now and in the future.

    Whatever you decide is the best for your family to preserve all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, it will be worth all the effort.

    Just remember how blah and cold January is. That would be the perfect time to make a peach pie with the peaches you canned.

     Happy Reading,

    Pam of Reading Vintage


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