Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast from Original Water Color Sketches from Nature by Emma Homan Thayer 1887 Cassell & Company

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A Glimpse of Nature's Past: "Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast"

"Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast" offers a serene journey back to 1887 through Emma Homan Thayer's attentive study of the region's flora. This piece from Cassell & Company, adorned with 24 chromolithographs, showcases the enduring allure of the Pacific's botanical richness, even as the colors whisper of their age.


  • Title: Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast
  • Author: Emma Homan Thayer
  • Publication Date: 1887
  • Publisher: Cassell & Company
  • Format: Hardcover in Olive-Decorated Cloth, Gilt Edges
  • Pages: 64, including half-title
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 9.75 x 1 inches
  • Illustrations: 24 Chromolithographs
  • Language: English
  • Condition: Wear on cover, split in binding, some spotting on pages

Key Elements:

  •  The illustrations, rich with history, offer a subdued yet beautiful representation of the West Coast's wild flora.
  • The book's chromolithographs show the craftsmanship of a bygone era, with each page telling the story of its century-long journey.
  •  The decorative cover and spine hint at the Victorian era's love for beauty and detail, now mellowed with time.
  •  This work is a gentle nod to the past, perfect for those who appreciate the patina of age in timeless illustrations.
  •  A handwritten note from a previous owner lends a unique narrative to this copy, enhancing its historical value.


Through Thayer's artwork, "Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast" delicately chronicles the botanical treasures of the region. While the passage of time has softened the chromolithographs, their beauty remains a testament to the flora they represent.


This vintage book has been previously cherished and shows signs of age, as is typical for antique pieces. The pictures serve as a faithful guide. For more information or additional photos, please reach out.

In Summation:

"Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast" is a window into the botanical art of the late 19th century, its muted illustrations offering a soft echo of nature's once-vivid palette.

Embrace the quiet beauty of an era gone by. Add this book to your library and let the subdued elegance of its pages bring a touch of historical serenity to your collection.

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