The Secret of the Barred Window #16 A Judy Bolton Mystery Margret Sutton 1943 Vintage Book


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After Judy buys her wedding dress in New York City, she and Pauline Faulkner run an errand for Pauline's employer, literary agent Emily Grimshaw. Judy and Pauline try to locate missing author Alice Bradley at her home in a remote area.

Judy leaves her wedding dress on the porch while she and Pauline search the house. They find the house empty, and when they emerge, they discover that Judy's wedding dress has disappeared!


*This hardcover book is in great shape with no rips or tears in the book.
*This book was given as a gift and is inscribed.
*There is a sticker with the previous owners' name.*Please use pictures as a guide.
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Book Dimensions:8x5x1