The Black Stallion by Walter Farley 1941 Twenty-Eighth Printing Random House New York

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An Unforgettable Adventure with 'The Black Stallion'

Explore the thrilling world of "The Black Stallion" by Walter Farley, a beloved classic that has captured the hearts of young readers since its first publication in 1941. This twenty-eighth printing from Random House New York brings the timeless tale to your fingertips.


  • Title: The Black Stallion
  • Author: Walter Farley
  • Publication Date: 1941 (Twenty-Eighth Printing)
  • Publisher: Random House, New York
  • Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
  • Pages: 274
  • Dimensions: 9x6x1 inches
  • Language: English
  • Condition: minor wear and tear on the dust jacket as shown in photos.

Four Key Elements:

  1. Join Alec Ramsay and the Black Stallion in their incredible journey of survival. Stranded together after a shipwreck, they form an unbreakable bond that captivates readers of all ages.
  2. Witness the powerful connection between Alec and the Black as they learn to trust and understand each other. This heartwarming story is a testament to the bonds that can form in the face of adversity.
  3. With its thrilling narrative and memorable characters, "The Black Stallion" is a book that continues to inspire and entertain readers, making it a timeless addition to any book collection.
  4.  Walter Farley's passion for horses shines through in this novel. Written during his time at Erasmus Hall High School, Mercersburg Academy, and Columbia University, Farley's debut novel showcases his deep understanding and love for these magnificent creatures.

    Embark on the Journey:

    Open the pages of 'The Black Stallion' and be transported into a world where the bond between a boy and a horse can overcome any obstacle. This story is more than just a tale of survival; it's a journey into the heart of friendship and loyalty.

    Reading Recommendation:

    After enjoying 'The Black Stallion,' why not try our 12 Reading Challenge? Track the  captivating tales of adventure in the books you read and love. Perfect for expanding your literary horizons and experiencing the thrill of reading!


    This vintage item has been previously owned and loved. It may show signs of wear typical of its age. Please refer to the pictures as a guide, and don't hesitate to reach out for more details or photos.

    Let's Wrap It Up:

    'The Black Stallion' is not just a book; it's an adventure that has enthralled readers for generations. Add this classic to your collection and experience the timeless story of Alec and the Black

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