School Edition Series: Ten Book Collection by Various Authors - 1952 Aladdin Books

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Step back into the heart of mid-20th-century literature with this captivating collection from the School Edition series, published in 1952 by Aladdin Books, New York. This ten-book set is a treasure trove of adventure, history, and pioneering spirit, offering young readers a glimpse into diverse narratives that shaped a generation's love for reading.

Each volume, measuring 8x6x1 inches and approximately 192 pages, is adorned with bright, colorful covers and beautiful illustrations that perfectly capture the essence of the stories within.

From the wild frontiers to tales of courage and discovery, these books are designed to ignite imaginations and inspire a lifelong passion for reading.

The collection includes:

  1. Printer's Devil by Emma Sterne
  2. The Country of The Hawk by August Derleth
  3. Back of Beyond by George Franklin
  4. Cowman's Kingdom by Edmund Collier
  5. Over-Mountain Boy by William O. Steele
  6. Jeb Smith: Trail Blazer by Frank B. Latham
  7. Ladd of the Lone Star by Allan R. Bosworth
  8. Wheat Won't Wait by Adele Gutman Nathan
  9. Passage to Texas by Iris Vinton
  10. The Captive Island by August Derleth

While these books show wear on their covers, with "The Captive Island" featuring previous owner's stamps on its pages, their internal pages and stories remain vibrant and engaging. This set is not only a fantastic addition to any young reader's library but also a nostalgic find for collectors and enthusiasts of vintage children's literature.


  • Publisher: Aladdin Books, New York
  • Year: 1952
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 8x6x1 inches
  • Condition: Good, with noted wear

Four Key Features:

  1. Diverse Stories: A range of narratives, from historical adventures to pioneering tales.
  2. Vibrant Illustrations: Each book features colorful covers and compelling illustrations.
  3. Collectible Set: A complete collection of ten books from the School Edition series.
  4. Educational Value: Encourages historical knowledge, empathy, and a love for reading.

Beyond The Final Page:

The School Edition series collection offers more than stories; it provides a window into the past and an opportunity for young readers today to explore the adventures and challenges of yesteryear. It's a chance to own a piece of literary history and to pass down the joy of reading to the next generation.


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