Mysteries of Space And Time: The Unexplained 1992 Websters Unified Complete Set Twenty Six Volumes Vintage Books


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Mysteries of Space And Time: The Unexplained is the most comprehensive work on the various types of phenomenon know to us in our plane of experience on earth.In fact phenomenon is the "crossing over" or "seeping through" of various forms of energy coming from the primary dimension of pure energy that we originate from. I bought the collection for reference material for a book I am writing.

Though it is dated 1992 and there has been more incidents since then, it is still a massive source of information. Agnostics will battle with this review until they realize that "thought"..."intelligence" are the creative forces that allow us to perceive and grow.

Mysteries of Space And Time: The Unexplained is an excellent addition to your vintage science fiction collection or home library.


Mysteries of Space And Time: The Unexplained is in good vintage condition for its age with no rips or tears. Please note the slight wear on some of the books covers. Please use pictures as a guide. Have any questions or need more photos, ask.

The vintage & antique items I share with you have been previously owned and loved. They may show some wear, typical for vintage or antique pieces.

Please Note: The bookends shown are not included. By purchasing this large and heavy book set you are agreeing that this set will be spit into two boxes if needed when packed and shipped to you.

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