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Cracked Mazagine August 1976 No. 134 The Fonze Takes Over This Issue Giant Poster of "The Fonze" Himself

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In this Vintage Cracked Mazagine, August 1976 No. 134 The Fonze Takes Over contains Everything you have ever wanted to know about "The Fonze": Nerd's Watch out! The Fonze is so cool that he does not even have to feature in a Happy Days parody.

Other articles include The Art of Ventriloquism, Satan's Campaign to Promote Hell: Is Satan cool, One Afternoon in Japan, A Cracked look at Motor Cross, Increasing Consumption in Order to Maintain Full Employment and others.

This magazine is in good shape for its age with no rips or tears.Please note the yellowing on the cover. Please scroll in on the many pictures as I am not a professional grader. It will be delivered to you in a plastic protector for its protection.

Please use pictures as a guide. Have any questions or need more pictures, just ask.

Book Dimensions: 11x9x1

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