An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa M. Alcott illustrations by Frances Brundage 1928 Saalfield Publishing Co Every Child Library Vintage Book


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An Old Fashioned Girl tells the story of Polly a simple country girl who's family is poor but respectable. Polly with her friend Fanny Shaw, who is two years her senior, sophisticated, and wealthy enough to have a French maid dress her six-year-old sister, Polly leaves her pleasant rural home for a month of early-winter city pleasure.

The Shaws, who think highly of themselves, attempt to mold Polly into their ideal image. Polly discovers she is completely out of place with their stylish ways but gently and subtly finds her place among them while making a valiant effort to adhere to her mother's sage advice.

An Old Fashioned Girl is an excellent addition to your vintage Louisa M. Alcott collection or home library.


An Old Fashioned Girl is in good vintage condition for its age with no rips or tears. Please note the wear on the cover, slight splitting of the books binding, random smudges and yellowing of pages, as shown in the photos. All pages are attached and ledgible.

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Book dimensions:8x5x1