American Duck Goose & Brant Shooting by Dr. William Bruette inline and Color Illustrations by Clement B. Davis 1934 Charles Scribners Sons

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Immerse yourself in the classic tradition of game bird shooting with American Duck, Goose, & Brant Shooting by Dr. William Bruette. For lovers of ornithology and waterfowl hunting alike, this 1934 edition by Charles Scribner's Sons is a veritable gold mine of knowledge and visual splendor. The book encapsulates a wealth of information on guns, ammunition, and shooting techniques, intricately entwined with the elegance of wildlife artistry.

As you explore the pages, you'll be escorted through a gallery of 60 color plates and 47 black and white drawings by Clement B. Davis, portraying not only the majestic waterfowl but also various types of boats, blinds, and decoys used in the sport. The glossy pages that house the color plates of different species are nothing short of gorgeous, offering a vivid encounter with the game birds in their natural elegance.


Title: American Duck, Goose & Brant Shooting
Publication Date: 1934 (on a 1930 copyright)
Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages: 415
Dimensions: 9x7x1 inches
Language: English
Condition: Wear on the dust jacket as shown in photos

Key Elements:

  • The insightful text intermingles with captivating illustrations, providing both a practical guide and a visual journey through the realm of waterfowl.
  • Reflecting a time-honored tradition, the book offers a glimpse into the practices and aesthetics of game bird shooting from a bygone era.
  • The hardcover binding, complemented by a dust jacket, encapsulates the rich essence of vintage charm, despite the wear shown in photos.
  • prestigious addition to collections of vintage sporting books or those fascinated by ornithology and wildlife artistry.
  • Venture further into the nuanced world of game bird shooting and ornithological artistry with this vintage marvel, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the sport and the species.
  • Recommendation:
  • Ensuring the longevity of such a remarkable book is essential. Learn how in "How To Store Old Books For Future Generations?" to keep American Duck, Goose, and Brant Shooting as a cherished part of your collection for years to come.


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In Summation:

American Duck, Goose, and Brant Shooting is a harmonious blend of practical knowledge and visual splendor, a tribute to the timeless tradition of game bird shooting, awaiting to grace your collection with its historical and aesthetic richness.

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