“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

The Process

Much work goes into the many unique vintage books you see here at Reading Vintage. From sourcing, researching, listing storage to shipping these are the steps taken to provide you with excellent vintage reading. 


Estate sale, auctions garage sales, church rummages vintage and antique malls; flea markets are some of the places I find the vintage books you see here. I enjoy estate sales, and you never know what hidden treasure you will find. I use and recommend Estate Sales.net to start your search for treasures. Based on your zip code, this site will show you sales and auctions in your area. Be ready to get up early, get in line for the first chance at taking home a cool vintage piece. Use the many photos to plan your attack. Have fun!


At Reading Vintage each listing contains a short synopsis of the book. These are from either the book itself or the site Goodreads. At Goodreads you can connect with other book lovers, research authors, also find or add reviews to your favorite books.

Listing and Storage 

 20 minutes from start to finish is what it takes to list a vintage book. Great care is taken to note and photograph all aspects of each book. Every newspaper clipping or handwritten recipe tucked in a page is left with the book and noted.  Many photos of publishing date, rips, and notes in the margin are taken. 

reading vintage listing station

When finished, the book is sealed in plastic and placed in a tub, ready to be shipped to its next owner.

reading vintage book storage


Reading Vintage's has a 2-hour cancelation policy after that the shipping process begins. Your vintage book is sealed in a durable bubble mailer to protect it from the elements. Media mail is the preferred shipping option. Need it faster? Choose a different shipping option and place a note when ordering.  

reading vintage shipping station