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Step into the golden era of science fiction with this exceptional collection of six Ace Double Novel books from the late 1950s, published by Ace Books Inc. This unique set includes seminal works by celebrated authors such as John Brunner, Poul Anderson, and A.E. Van Vogt, among others. Each volume is a testament to the innovative and captivating storytelling that defined science fiction during this period.

The collection features:

  1. The Atlantic Abomination by John Brunner / The Martian Missile by David Grinnell (1960)
  2. Star Ways by Poul Anderson / City Under the Sea by Kenneth Bulmer (1956)
  3. The Forgotten Planet by Murray Leinster / Contraband Rocket by Lee Correy (1954)
  4. The War of Two Worlds by Poul Anderson / Threshold of Eternity by John Brunner (1959)
  5. The Secret of ZI by Kenneth Bulmer / Beyond the Vanishing Point by (1956)
  6. Siege of the Unseen by A.E. Van Vogt / The World Swappers by John Brunner (1959)

Each book measures 7x4x1 inches and is in good condition with minor wear. The Ace Doubles are renowned for their tête-bêche format, a unique design where two novels are bound together back-to-back, with the text of each story rotated 180 degrees relative to the other. This innovative format allows readers to enjoy two distinct tales in one compact volume.


  • Publisher: Ace Books, Inc.
  • Format: Tête-bêche Paperbacks
  • Dimensions: 7x4x1 inches each
  • Condition: Good, with minor wear

Four Key Features:

  1. Diverse Stories: A wide range of science fiction themes and adventures.
  2. Iconic Authors: Works by some of the genre's most influential writers.
  3. Collectible Format: Unique tête-bêche design for dual novel reading.
  4. Historical Significance: Reflects the golden era of science fiction publishing.

Beyond The Final Page:

This Ace Double Novel collection is more than just a set of books; it's a journey through the imagination and creativity of the 1950s' science fiction landscape. Perfect for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone looking to delve into the rich history of the genre.


These vintage books have been previously loved and show signs of wear consistent with their age. Please refer to the photos for a closer look, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or additional pictures.


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