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Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire by Victor Appleton 1956 Book 8 in The New Tom Swift Jr Adventures Vintage Book

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Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire several of the young inventor's associates view his latest expedition with skepticism, Tom sets off in the Flying Lab for the Dark Continent to fathom the secret of the mysterious mountain. The deadly vapors which have terrified the natives for generations challenge even the scientific genius of Tom and his companions.

When their atomic drill inexplicably is sucked into a forbidding peak. A series of startling events threaten the Swift expedition. How Tom, with his new invention the Terrasphere, conquers a heretofore unknown, violent quirk of nature brings this breath-taking story to a spectacular finish.

This Book Is in Amazingly Great Shape for Its Age, with No Rips, Writing or Tears. This Adventure Book Has Its Original Cover, with A Few Rips. Pages Are Slightly Yellow from Age.

Please Use Pictures as A Guide. Have Any Questions or Need More Pictures, Ask.

Book Dimensions: 8x6x2

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