The Essentials of Our Process

April 01, 2020

The Essentials of Our Process

Hello peeps,

We can all agree we are all settling in and adjusting to the new crazy norm, hopefully finding our joy where we can.

With estate sales canceled, I have been working on organizing my workroom, going through boxes, and am amazed at the cool books I forgot had.

Explore the New Finds collection; it's packed full of all the books I have been rediscovering in my workroom.

If you haven't ordered from Reading Vintage yet, here is a little info on how we do things.

our process

Have you been cooking three meals a day?

Our Cookbook and Recipe collection have many cookbooks written in the '40s and '50s,  a time when they cooked everything from scratch, and nothing went to waste. 

Don't forget to look for the fun 70's fondu cookbook. What a fun thing to do with the family!

Feel free to share this blog post with friends and family who love to read, we have many fascinating topics to choose from. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

As always, Reading Vintage is shipping daily.  If your order is in by 2 pm Eastern Daylight Time it's in my mailbox and on its way to you that day.

Stay Safe and Happy Reading,

Pam of Reading Vintage

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