Explore the history of a region with a old cookbook

April 06, 2020

Explore the history of a region with a old cookbook

Hey vintage peeps,

I'm sorting through back stock boxes of cookbooks to add to online. It's constantly amazing how objects travel from place to place.

One of the cookbooks I found is The Bayou Cuisine church cookbook from St. Steven's Episcopal Church Indianola, Mississippi, it traveled north all the way to Midland, Michigan. 

Published in the 1970s, this church cookbook reflects cultural influences traditionally and transitionally. This unique church cookbook includes recipes from the Indian, Spanish, French, and English eras. 

vintage cookbook

Vintage cookbooks are an enjoyable way to study the history of a region, via local recipes, some even contain historical facts and photos. 

It's fascinating how food has developed over the years, from the Victory cookbooks from war times to now.

Browse the Vintage Cookbooks collection for many more historical cookbooks and a glimpse of a window to the yesterday inside the pages.

Happy Reading,

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