Looking for a Quick Molasses Cake and have Shortening in the Pantry?

October 17, 2018

Looking for a Quick Molasses Cake and have Shortening in the Pantry?


Best Part of My Job?

What I enjoy the most about going to different sales and finding books are the cookbooks. When entering an estate sale, I always head to the kitchen. 

That is the best place to find cool stuff — vintage cookbooks, family recipes boxes full of newspaper clippings.


Always a Great Find!

 When listing the Household Searchlight Cookbook, I found the most exciting surprise. There are three recipes written beautifully handwriting in the back of this cookbook. Red Beet Pickles, Quick Molasses Cake, and Raisin Sauce. 

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Do you have shortening in the pantry?

It seems very unhealthy and old fashioned. But it does make a difference in baking.  Shortening is 100 percent fat, meaning there is no water in it and no steam created during cooking. T

he lack of water also means that shortening does not increase gluten production, so cookies made with shortening tend to be softer and more tender.

The recipe also calls for "strong hot coffee" would make it flavorful, and the choice of 1/4 tsp. of spices is left up to you. Cinnamon, ginger or pumpkin spice would be a complement to the cup of molasses. 

Hopefully, this recipe inspires you to try this recipe. If you do let me know, post a picture in the comments.  As an empty nester, I don't bake and have a sweet tooth.

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Where can you find more vintage recipes?

Follow the link and check out the Household Searchlight Cookbook. A handy thumb-tabbed cookbook is full of vintage recipes. As always free shipping on all vintage books at Reading Vintage. 



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